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pro tip: dont bet items thats worth $250 on close matches.

cause holy fuck i clenched my bumhole so hard. Never betting on LDLC again jesus. 

神代 利世

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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 12  vs. Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 64-66

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Tokyo Ghoul wallpapers (1366x768 resolution)
Feel free to use ( ´ ▽ ` )

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the problem child.

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Kaneki Ken- first kagune appearance, last kagune appearance

Kaneki: I am…a ghoul

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betting some high value skins on LDLC 


Here in this broken down world, you laugh, without seeing a thing.
I’m a monster.

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Might rank up today hnnggngnngngnng

Im all for female pro gaming. We honestly need more all-female teams sponsored by big brands like NiP, TSM IBP cloud9  etc etc

BUT how the shit did you get into the pro league when you have a K/D of 0.36???????????

An avg player female or male has atleast a k/d of 0.8-1.1.

I dont fucking get it.